LaCroix’s Sparkling Target Audience

Sequoia Powell
5 min readOct 16, 2021

A little sparkle always does the job. Yep, I was one of those kids who loved to decorate everything with sparkles. It just made everything pop, you know, and always had a way of making everything feel better.

Apparently, it still does. Take LaCroix Sparkling Water, for example. The brand is one of the leading sparkling water brands in the industry. It has become one of the hippest water around after rebranding.

Let’s get into a bit of the history of the brand and what it offers today.

What is LaCroix Sparkling Water?

LaCroix Sparkling Water was founded in 1981 by Wisconsin’s G. Heileman Brewing Company and later acquired by the National Beverage Corporation in Fort Lauderdale, FL, in 2002.

The change in ownership led to a rebranding process that is pivotal to its success today.

The rebranding came with a change in design and marketing. The brand added a new colorful, exciting design that is immediately aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

On the marketing side, the brand decided to adjust its target marketing from Midwestern moms to focus on millennials and young adults.

With that said, let’s dig into their current target market.

Target Market

Being able to adjust and make changes to your marketing strategy is key to being a successful, long-lasting brand.

Especially if you notice that your target audience is changing, your strategy has to change as well. This is one thing that LaCroix Sparkling Water noticed.

The brand’s current target audience is millennials and young adults. Their focus is slightly more female and middle income, which can clearly be seen through their social media channels, like Instagram.

Considering the infatuation that the younger generation, especially millennials, has regarding being health conscious about what they put into their bodies, LaCroix adjusted their target audience to this crowd.

Highlighting their Non-GMO and sugar-free Instagram-worthy products to this key audience has made the brand a hit.

Marketing to the Target Market

Although LaCroix has been doing an excellent job marketing to their target market, there is always room for improvement.

When it comes to marketing to their target market on social media, I would continue to use user-generated content along with high-quality, engaging visuals to appeal to the audience.

I would partner with influencers that are relevant to the brand and target market to share ways to pair the drink with relaxation, fun, and healthy choices.

On the Instagram channel, I would market to their target market through engaging Instagram reels that highlight the benefits of the brand and display the brand’s personality. Since reels are a great way to build brand awareness and boost engagement rates, I would post multiple reels weekly to appeal to the target market. Currently, the brand only has six reels in total on their Instagram page.

On the Twitter channel, I would market to their target audience through engaging polls and conversations that are centered around relevant pop culture and seasons. Plus, I would engage with the consumers through retweeting and replying to relevant content.

On the Facebook channel, I would market to their target audience through Facebook ads. I would use Facebook Ads Manager to specify my target audience and capture their attention with compelling ads.

On the Pinterest channel, I would market to their target audience through informational pins. Even though the brand does a great job with their video tutorials on Pinterest that shows ways to make drinks with the product, they could make pins with the instructions and ingredients. These pins could be saved and used by the target audience at any time. I would also use buyable and promoted carousel pins to appeal to their target audience.

On the YouTube channel, I would feature more lifestyle and behind-the-scenes content to market their target audience. I would also feature influencers on the page to appeal to the audience.

Now that we have got that covered let’s talk about their current unique selling point.

Unique Selling Point

A unique selling point can be defined as the thing that sets your brand apart from your competitors and makes your product better than others in the industry.

Identifying your brand’s unique selling point is essential because it helps you focus your marketing strategies around the value you offer and the problem you solve for your audience.

For LaCroix, their unique selling point is that their drinks have no calories, sugar, sodium, or GMOs and still taste good.

(LaCroix, 2021)

The brand solves their audience’s problem of feeling guilty about drinking anything other than pure water by offering an ‘innocent’ drink free of unhealthy ingredients.

LaCroix does a great job highlighting their unique selling point across their website and social media channels.

Importance of Knowing Your Target Audience

So if it’s not apparent yet, knowing your target audience is crucial for any brand. It’s the thing that can stand between your brand being successful or not.

Why, you ask? How will you know who to focus your marketing on and where to find them without knowing your target audience?

(CoSchedule, 2021)

Identifying and understanding everything about your target audience will help you reach them and make campaigns that will benefit the brand.

Trust me! No one is throwing spaghetti at the wall anymore, hoping it will stick. Instead, they are identifying a specific audience based on their product and services to find the key audience. This will eventually help them reach their target audience and analyze their behaviors to improve strategies.

In addition, identifying your target audience allows brands to have a deeper understanding of their needs and use it to enhance their brand. To sum it up, if used correctly, it can boosts conversions and engagement, which are some of the main goals for any brand.

With that said, if you haven’t identified your target audience yet or you need to make a few adjustments to your current key audience, what are you waiting for?

Clearly, it can make a considerable difference; look at LaCroix.

Happy Targeting!