Sing 2 — Executive Summary

Sequoia Powell
6 min readDec 7, 2021
(Universal, 2021)


Illumination’s Sing 2 is coming to theaters on December 22, 2021. The star-studded animated musical comedy is once again set to charm the big screen with its bubbly energy, exciting covers to hit songs, and captivating characters, just like its predecessor, Sing. Although the first movie was a hit in theaters, it doesn’t guarantee that the sequel will make the same noise at the box office.

Social media is an excellent way to guarantee awareness of the film and advertising, especially since most moviegoers are on social media. In fact, 81% of U.S. moviegoers use Facebook, 34% use Twitter, and 21% are on Pinterest. Plus, since most social media platforms focus on identifying target groups to provide social media marketers with tools to share high-quality content directly to consumers, we can use those tools to effectively reach and engage with a large number of consumers to gain traction and generate buzz.

The following social media plan will focus on three stages, the movie’s pre-release, release, and post-release, from November 2021 to January 2022. The plan will ensure the film drives ticket sales, generates buzz, and encourages engagement.


It is imperative to set SMART goals for this campaign to ensure it is effective. These goals will be specific, measurable, and trackable to determine the type of content and distribution throughout the three phases. The overall goal of the social media marketing campaign is to be the number one movie in theaters during the week of the release.

The social media SMART goals for the campaign are as follows:

  1. Increase following on social media pages by the end of the campaign on January 31, 2022.
  • Instagram account @singmovie to 100k
  • Facebook account @SingMovie to 2 million
  • Twitter account @singmovie to 50k
  • TikTok account @singmovie to 500k

2. 30% engagement rate on content throughout the campaign.

3. Make $100 million in theater ticket sales by February 2022.


The platforms that will be used in this social media marketing campaign are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. Each of these platforms was previously used during the first movie’s release and already has a following.

The Instagram account has over 89k followers and a high engagement rate. Therefore, we can use this to our advantage to drive awareness of the new film and boost ticket sales.

The Facebook page has over 1 million followers and captures the family audience, which is perfect for this campaign.

The TikTok page has over 181k followers and more than 2 million likes. This could be used to continue to market to the younger generation and get them excited for the new film.

The Twitter account has over 23k followers and can be used to reach our target audience and create a buzz around the film. Using multiple platforms will help to diversify the content and reach multiple target audiences at once.

Target audience

The kid-friendly animated film is rated PG and appeals to families and music lovers. With this in mind, the overall target market for this film is families, generation Z, millennials, kids 5–18, and musical fans between the ages of 15–35. Behaviors of this target market consist of consumers who enjoy musicals, cover music, kids and family movies, comedy, animated films, and fans of Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Tori Kelly and other stars from the film.

Instagram will target parents with young kids and a young-adult audience with content that appeals to Generation Z and Millenials. Since Instagram has over one billion active users and appeals to users ages 18–34, it is perfect for this campaign. We can use the various types of content — Reels, images, IGTV, stories, highlights — on the platform to engage and appeal to this target audience. Plus, Instagram allows us to promote the successful organic post as ads to increase reach and engagement.

Facebook will target parents with young kids, millennials, and boomers with grandkids. The platform has over two billion active users and appeals to users ages 25–44, which is great for the campaign. Facebook is also a great platform to market the new film because it has demographic and behavior filters that will help reach our target audience. Facebook’s size and engagement rate makes it a perfect platform to advertise the film through multiple content features like images, videos, and Facebook stories.

In addition, since Facebook and Instagram share the same ad platform, it offers many cross-promotional opportunities for the campaign.

TikTok will market to the younger audience with compelling content to appeal to Generation Z and Millennials. The platform has over 100 million active users and appeals to users ages 18–34, which is great for this campaign. The video-based platform allows us to create trends, dance challenges, duet videos, and compelling teaser ads.

Twitter will market to the parents of younger kids and music lovers. Since the platform has over 187 million active users and appeals to users ages 30–29, it is a great platform to target this audience. Twitter will drive discussion around the movie and our target audience to engage. The platform offers various content types like text, gifs, threads, videos, and images.

Campaign Voice

The voice and tone for this social media campaign will be fun, family-friendly, conversational, playful, and witty to appeal to our target audience.

(Universal, 2021)

Considering that the film’s tone is comedic, family-friendly, and upbeat, the voice and tone throughout the campaign should mimic that. The voice and tone will be centered around the starring characters in the film, which will draw interest in the film. The voice will be consistent on each post through the graphics, captions, video, comments, and emojis.


Hashtags are an excellent way to ensure that the campaign content is discoverable by our target audience. The following hashtags are related to the movie and will help increase awareness around the film and provide a reference for the film.

The main hashtags for this campaign are #SingMovie and #Sing2.

The additional hashtags are #familymovienight, #musical, #familytime, #movies, and #familyfriendly.

Each of the additional hashtags has a high engagement and posting rate.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is imperative to ensure this campaign’s success. It is a great way to get our campaign in front of our target audience and generate ticket sales. In fact, not only do 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations, but 40% have also purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

With that said, the influencers for this campaign will include the lead cast of the film, Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Tori Kelly, Nick Kroll, Bobby Cannavale, Halsey, Pharrell Williams, Nick Offerman, Letitia Wright, Eric Andre, Chelsea Peretti, and Bono. Each of these actors is well known and has a huge following, so it is a great way to appeal to their fans and promote the film.

(Universal, 2021)

In addition, we can use family influencers who are popular amongst parents on the platforms to promote the film, like The ACE family, Roman Atwoods, The Labrant Fam, and Eh Bee Family. These influencers have an audience that aligns with this campaign’s target audience and will help drive ticket sales. The influencers will create content that targets Sing 2’s audience to generate awareness and engagement on our social media campaign.

Campaign Visuals

(Pre-Event Facebook Post)
(During Event Instagram Story)
(Post-Event TikTok Post)